Laser Fleet

Welcome to Laser Sailing: Simple, Fast, Fun!

Laser sailing is absolutely one of the most exciting and fun sports there is. A Laser sailboat is a unique boat that can sail in practically no wind all the way up to the most extreme sailing conditions. When you sail a Laser Sailboat you will feel the connection to the wind and the physics of sailing. These same principles apply to every sailboat and you will learn them quickly because the Laser is Simple, Fast, Fun.

The Laser is an Olympic sailing class and the world's most popular One Design Racing Class! Racing a Laser is sailboat racing at its very best! In the Laser Class every piece of equipment is built to strict standards which ensures that winning comes down to feel, boat handling and tactical excellence of the sailor.
Join us for Laser Racing every Tuesday evening at 6:30 from early June to late August. For tips on how to sail upwind and downwind a Laser in all conditions check out

Have some amazing fun on a Laser this summer!

Laser Fleet Captain: Hank Wissenz [email protected]